Use Smart Albums to group people

Faces automatically groups photos of individuals. You can create a Smart Album that continually gathers all the photos of those individuals, such as members of your family, into one album, which appears in your Source list.

To create a Smart Album of people:

  1. Choose File > New > Smart Album.

  2. Make your choices in the dialog that appears. You can create one condition or many.

    This Smart Album will contain photos of Martha and Maya that include “Jefferson” in the description and have a rating of more than three stars.

    Image of Create Smart Album window

    1. Type a name for the Smart Album.

    2. Specify the details of the first condition by choosing from the pop-up menus.

    3. Add more conditions by clicking the plus or minus buttons.

      Click the minus button to delete a condition.

    4. Choose Any or All. Any tells your Smart Album to collect photos that match any one of the conditions you set. All specifies that the photos must meet every condition before being included.

  3. Click OK.

    Your new Smart Album appears in the Source list. Select it to see all the photos currently in your library that meet the conditions you set. When you import new photos, you can add the names you specified (for example, “Martha” or “Maya”) to those photos so that the new photos appear in this Smart Album.

    If you’re in full-screen view, click the Albums button to see your new Smart Album.

Another way to create a Smart Album is by dragging a Faces snapshot from the corkboard into an empty part of your Source list. A new Smart Album appears with that person’s name. Drag another Faces snapshot on top of that Smart Album to add another person to it.

If you want, you can select several Faces snapshots at one time and drag them into the Source list to create one Smart Album containing those people.

You can use Smart Albums to group photos based on a wide range of conditions.