Confirm or reject suggested matches for people on your Faces corkboard

After you identify and name your friends and family using Faces, iPhoto continues to match additional faces in your photo library, including those in newly imported photos. In Faces, you can confirm or reject those matches. The more images of a person you confirm, the better iPhoto becomes at finding that person in photos.

To confirm or reject suggested matches:

  1. Click to select Faces in the Source list.

  2. Double-click a Faces snapshot.

    Along the bottom of the window, iPhoto notes that this person may be in additional photos.

    Note:  If iPhoto didn’t find any likely matches, the note says that no unconfirmed matches were found. If you know there are more photos of a particular person in your photo library, try manually naming a few more photos of that person.

  3. Click the Confirm Additional Faces button.

    iPhoto shows the additional photos below the Unconfirmed Faces heading.

  4. For each photo, do one of the following:

    • To confirm the face, click the photo once. The “confirm” label changes to the person’s name.

    • To reject the face, double-click the photo. The “confirm” label changes to “Not [person’s name].” (You can also Option-click the photo, if you prefer.)

    Image of confirm faces view

    To confirm multiple photos at one time, you can drag to enclose them. If a photo of a different person accidentally gets included, just click it to reject it from the group you want to confirm.

  5. When you’ve confirmed all the faces you want, click Done.

    Confirmed faces become part of that person’s Faces group. Photos with faces you’ve rejected disappear from the Faces group (but remain in your photo library).

    If you don’t click a photo, it remains in the suggested group as a possible match.