Set iPhoto to use GPS to identify locations

If your camera has GPS capability, the photos include Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates that specify where the photos were taken. When you import those photos, iPhoto drops a marker pin with a location name at that spot on the Places map.

If you don’t want iPhoto to use your photos’ GPS coordinates to look up location names in its database and show your photos on the Places map, you can change this preference.

To change whether iPhoto looks up locations using GPS coordinates:

  1. With iPhoto open, choose iPhoto > Preferences, and then click Advanced.

  2. Choose an option from the “Look up Places” pop-up menu:

    • Automatically: iPhoto looks up all GPS coordinates to find location names, and marks those places with a marker pin on the Places map.

    • Never: iPhoto never looks up location names and doesn’t mark the locations of photos (even if you manually added locations to the photos).

    Note:  Each setting affects all photos in your photo library.

In Advanced preferences, you can also choose whether or not to include location information when you share your photos by email or publish them using MobileMe, iWeb, or Flickr.

WARNING:  MobileMe will be discontinued on June 30, 2012. You will no longer have access to your MobileMe Gallery after that date.

To include location information, select the checkbox “Include location information for published photos.” If you don’t want to include location information, deselect this option.