Remove the location name from a photo or an Event

You can remove the location name from one or more photos or Events, so the name doesn’t appear on your Places map.

Removing the location name doesn’t delete the photo or Event from your photo library.

For photos taken with a camera with GPS capability, the location name is removed but the GPS coordinates are not, so the photos are marked on the Places map without the location name.

Important:  You must be connected to the Internet for the Places feature to show photo locations on the map.

To remove a location name from one or more photos or Events:

  1. Select one or more photos or Events that include location information.

    The location doesn’t have to be the same for all photos or Events selected.

  2. Click the Info button in the toolbar to open the Information pane.

  3. Click to select Places in the Information pane, and then select the location name.

    If there’s more than one location, the name says “Multiple locations.”

  4. Click the X that appears to the right of the name.

    The location name disappears and the location is removed from the photo or Event.