Move a marker pin on a Places map

You can change the position of a marker pin for a photo, even if the photo was taken with a GPS-enabled camera.

However, you can move marker pins only in the small map that appears below Places in the Information pane. You can’t drag marker pins on the full-size Places map.

Important:  You must be connected to the Internet for the Places feature to show photo locations on the map.

To change a marker pin’s position:

  1. Select a photo that is marked in the wrong position on the Places map.

  2. Click the Info button in the toolbar to open the Information pane.

  3. Click to select Places in the Information pane.

  4. In the map that appears, do one of the following:

    • Click the red marker pin (it turns yellow) on the map, and then drag it to the new location. You can click the plus and minus buttons to zoom in or out, and drag the map to center it on the area you want. To place the pin more accurately, zoom in on the map and drag the pin as needed.

    • In the location name field, add a new place name to move the marker pin to that position on the map.

      If you want to fine-tune this location, you can drag the marker pin to a new spot, as described above.

  5. When you’re done, you can view your photo marked on the full Places map by clicking the arrow next to the location name.

    Image of show-in-Places button

To restore the original location to your photo:

  1. Select the photo that you want to restore the location to.

  2. Choose Photos > “Rescan for Location.”