Change or manage place names and map locations

You can give locations a personalized name, such as “Grandma’s house” or “our playground.” You can also see and edit the locations assigned to your photos.

Important:  You must be connected to the Internet for the Places feature to show photo locations on the map.

To personalize a location:

You can add a personalized name to a location on the map, such as “Grandma’s house” or “our playground.”

  1. Select a photo that has the location assigned to it that you want to personalize.

  2. Click the Info button in the toolbar to show the Information pane.

  3. Click the Places header to show the map (if the section is not already open).

  4. Click the marker pin on the map to show the location tag.

    Image of marker pin and location label

  5. On the location tag, select the name of the location and type a new name, such as “Grandma’s house.”

    Click the checkmark to set the new name, or press Return.

    The location name changes to the personalized version for all photos currently marked with that location.

    Note:  To return the name to the original, nonpersonalized name, click the marker pin again to show the location tag and then click the X.

To manage your places:

You can edit and delete the locations you have personalized.

  1. Choose Window > Manage My Places.

    The Manage My Places dialog appears, showing all the personalized places that are assigned to your photos.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To change a place name, click it and type the name you want into the field.

      From now on, this changed location appears in the Information pane as an option when you’re adding locations to photos or Events.

    • To fine-tune a location on the map, use the plus and minus buttons (in the bottom-left corner of the map) to zoom in or out of the map. You can drag the map to move it around and drag the pin to a more exact location.

      You can also drag the vicinity circle larger or smaller, depending on how specific you want the location to be.

    • To delete a location, click the minus sign to the right of the place name.

      If there are photos associated with this location name, a message appears, asking you to confirm. Click the “Delete place” button.

  3. When you’re finished, click the Done button.