Events overview

When you import your photos into iPhoto, you can choose to have iPhoto automatically organize the photos into a single Event or several. An Event is a group of photos taken during a certain period of time.

If you choose to import all the photos in your camera as a single Event, that Event can hold photos taken anytime over days, weeks, or even years.

If you choose to import the same set of photos as separate Events, iPhoto splits the photos into groups, based on the date and time they were taken. For example, photos you took at a birthday party last weekend are grouped into one Event, while a second Event contains the photos you took last night at a family dinner.

When you view all your Events in the iPhoto window, the key photo appears as the group’s representative photo. Move your pointer over, or “skim,” each Event to show all the photos it contains.

You can also:

  • Double-click an Event to open it, showing all the photos it contains

  • Merge or split Events, or create new ones

  • Move photos from one Event to another

  • Name (or rename) Events

  • Use Events or selected photos to create albums or slideshows, or to print projects such as books, cards, and calendars

  • Publish Events to your MobileMe Gallery, Facebook, or Flickr

    WARNING:  MobileMe will be discontinued on June 30, 2012. You will no longer have access to your MobileMe Gallery after that date.

Note:  Although Events are similar to “film rolls” (the organization used in previous versions of iPhoto), Events provide easier access to your photos. When you upgrade from iPhoto 6 or earlier, iPhoto converts all your film rolls to Events.