Change book page layouts

When you create a book, iPhoto automatically assigns a layout to each page and places photos on the pages. You can change the layout of a book page at any time.

The book theme you use determines the available page layouts. Page layouts can include up to 16 photos, a single photo displayed across a page spread, maps, text, and more.

To change a book page layout:

  1. Open the book project.

    The book pages appear in All Pages view.

  2. Double-click the page on which you want to change the layout.

    iPhoto updates to show the page spread, with the page that you double-clicked selected.

  3. Click the Layout button in the toolbar.

    Image of the Design button

    The page layout tools appear in the Layout pane.

    Image of page layout tools in the Design pane

  4. In the Layout pop-up menu, choose a type of page layout (a number of photos per page, a map, a blank page, and more), and then select one of the page layouts that appear.

You can also change a book page layout by clicking the page number below the page and using the formatting tools that appear above the selected page.

To turn “Auto-Layout pages” on or off:

When you change a page layout, iPhoto automatically places photos on pages based on the photo’s size and orientation (horizontal or vertical). You can easily turn the auto-layout feature on or off.

  1. Open the book project.

  2. Click the Options button in the toolbar.

  3. Click the Book Settings button in the Options pane.

  4. Select or deselect the “Auto-Layout pages” checkbox.