Edit photos and text in a custom print job

You can easily edit a photo or edit text used in a custom print job.

To edit a photo for a custom print job:

  • To zoom in on a photo, select it, and then use the slider and hand tool that appear above the photo to zoom in on the photo and reposition it.

    To make a photo appear full frame, press the Control key while you click the photo, and then choose “Fit Photo to Frame Size” from the shortcut menu.

  • To temporarily modify a photo for a print job, (for example, to add an effect or change the overall contrast), select it, and then click the Adjust button. Use any of the tools in the Adjust window to modify the photo.

  • You can also edit a photo using the iPhoto edit tools.

    Important:  Any edits you apply to the photo using the iPhoto edit tools appear in all instances of the photo, including the photo in your iPhoto library and in any other projects that use the photo.

    To edit the photo using the iPhoto edit tools, double-click the photo. The photo appears in edit view. Use the edit tools to edit the photo.

To edit text used in a custom print job:

  • Click the text to select it and enter your new text.

To format the font used in a custom print job:

The text on every page of a custom print job uses the same font settings. You set the text format in the Settings pane of the custom print window.

  1. Click the Settings button.

  2. Format the text using the Title font options in the Settings pane.

  3. After you’ve selected the font options, click OK.

    The font options you selected are applied to all the text in the custom print job.