Change a card’s theme

When you create a card, iPhoto automatically assigns a layout and places photos on the card’s cover and inside page. The card theme you use determines the layouts that are available.

You can change a card’s theme at any time.

To change a card’s theme:

  1. Open the card project.

  2. Click the Change Theme button in the top-right corner of the iPhoto window.

    The window updates to show a rotating display of card themes.

  3. To select a card theme, select a card type (and category if you selected a folded or flat card type) at the top of the window, and then click a card on the left or right to move through the card themes.

    Image of the window, showing card themes

    You can change other card options, such as the card orientation and background color. For more information, see Create a card.

  4. When you’re ready, click the Apply button.