Change a card’s layout

The layouts and background colors available for a card depend on the card’s theme. Some card themes contain many layouts; other card themes have only a few layouts. If you don’t see the layout you want, you may want to change the card’s theme.

To change a card’s layout:

  1. Open the card project.

  2. Select a card page.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • If you’re working with a folded or flat card, click the layout button above the page, and then choose a new page layout.

      Image of the layout and background buttons that appears when you select a card page

    • Click the Layout button in the toolbar, and then select a layout in the Layout pane.

      Image of page layout tools in the Design pane

      For some themes, you can choose an orientation. When you do, corresponding page layouts appear in the Layout pane.