Create a calendar

You can choose from a variety of calendar themes and date ranges to create your own unique calendar.

To create a calendar:

  1. Select one or more photos to use in your calendar.

  2. Click the Create button in the toolbar, and then choose Calendar from the pop-up menu.

    The window updates to show a rotating display of calendar themes.

    Image of the window, showing calendar themes and other options

    Remember that you can change a calendar’s theme at any time before you order the calendar.

  3. To select a calendar theme, click a calendar on the left or right to move through the calendar themes.

    As you make changes, the calendar preview information at the bottom of the window updates.

  4. Click the Create button.

  5. In the window that appears, choose one or more of the following options:



    Start calendar on:

    Select a month from the pop-up menu and click the up or down arrow or type a year in the field.


    Change the number of months in the calendar by clicking the up or down arrow or typing a number in the field.

    Show national holidays:

    If you want to show a nation’s holidays, select a country from the pop-up menu.

    Note:  You can edit the holiday text on individual dates after you finish the calendar creation process.

    Import iCal calendars:

    The calendars in your iCal application are automatically shown in this window. Select a calendar’s checkbox to include that calendar’s events in your iPhoto calendar.

    Show birthdays from Address Book

    Select this checkbox to include all of the birthdays in your Address Book application on your calendar.

  6. When you’re ready, click OK.

Using your selections, iPhoto automatically creates your calendar. The calendar opens in All Pages view and shows every page in the calendar, including the front and back covers. Your new calendar appears in the Projects section of the Source list and in the Bookshelf (in full-screen view).

iPhoto assigns a name to the calendar, based on the information associated with the calendar’s photos. You can easily change the calendar name.