Publish your photos using iWeb

With iWeb—another application that comes with iLife—you can design and publish your own website. iWeb includes templates especially designed for displaying photos, as well as blog templates. You can send photos (and video clips) directly from iPhoto to an iWeb page.

To export photos or movies to iWeb:

  1. Select an Event, a photo album, a video clip, or a group of photos you want to send to iWeb.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To export your photos to a page designed for displaying images, choose Share > “Send to iWeb” > Photo Page.

    • To export your photos to a blog page, choose Share > “Send to iWeb” > Blog.

    If iWeb wasn’t already open, it opens and displays the webpage containing the images you just exported.

To use an iPhoto slideshow in iWeb:

  1. In iPhoto, export the slideshow.

    Make sure “Automatically send to iTunes” is selected.

  2. In iWeb, if the Media Browser isn’t open, click Show Media.

  3. At the top of the Media Browser, click Audio.

  4. Below iTunes, click Movies (you might have to click the disclosure triangle next to iTunes).

  5. Drag the exported slideshow from the Media Browser to an iWeb page.

For more information about using iWeb to edit and publish your photo website or blog, see iWeb Help.