Add effects

You can give your photos special effects by using one or a combination of several one-click editing options.

Important:  Editing a photo changes its appearance in the photo library and in every album, slideshow, and project (such as a book, card, or calendar) that it’s used in. To edit a photo without changing it everywhere it appears, duplicate the photo and then edit the duplicate. You can, however, apply some of these effects to photos in projects and to photos when you print them.

To change photo effects:

  1. Open the photo in edit view.

  2. If the Effects tab (at the top of the Edit pane) isn’t selected, click it.

  3. Click one or more of the following effects (click multiple times to increase an effect, or combine several to create new effects):

    Screenshot of Effects pane


    You can click these buttons multiple times to achieve the effect you want.


    B & W: Changes photo to black and white

    Sepia: Applies a yellowish hue

    Antique: Gives photo an aged appearance

    Matte: Blurs edges and corner in an oval

    Vignette: Darken’s the photo’s corners

    Edge Blur: Blurs the photo’s corners

    Fade: Reduces color intensity

    Boost: Increases color intensity

    None: Removes all effects

    Your changes are saved automatically, unless you click Undo or “Revert to Previous.”